November 1999 Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society

November 13, 1999:
Speaker:  Lynn Grant

Title:  "Tunnel tales: a Conservator at Copan"
(She has published an article in the Codex with this title.)

Summary:  Since 1995, Lynn Grant has worked with the Early Copan Acropolis Project (ECAP) team at Copan, assisting the archaeologists in retrieving and preserving fragile finds from the Hunal tomb (undoubtedly that of Yax Kuk Mo himself) and Margarita tomb (probably that of his queen) as well as other deposits.  This work has been extremely interesting and resulted in the retrieval of several types of objects not often represented in the Mayan archaeological record, including basketry; painted organic objects such as gourds; intricate shell mosaics; and sensational post-fire painted ceramics. Her excitement about her work at Copan is evident in her article in the last issue of "Expedition" which devoted almost the entire issue to"searching for early kings at Copan."  She showed photographs of some of these objects and related the special methods used in retrieving and preserving them.

Biographical information:  Lynn Grant has a B.Sc. in Archaeological Conservation from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, England and a B.A. in
Classical Studies.   She joined The University of Pennsylvania Museum's
Conservation Laboratory in 1988 as conservator for loans and Traveling
Exhibits.  Prior to that, she had worked as a conservator in Canada, England,
and Hong Kong, and done on-site field conservation in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Jordan.  Since coming to the Museum she has worked summer field seasons at the excavations
at Troy, Turkey from 1990 to 1994, and has participated in the Museum's
excavation seasons at Copan, Honduras from 1995.

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