Talk Given Saturday May 13, 2000

Speaker: Cherra Wyllie

Title:   "Signs and Symbols of Gulf Coast Trade:
           Classic-Postclassic Transition"

     Since Mesoamerican Preclassic times the Veracruz-Tabasco coastal plain was the source of luxury and subsistence goods distributed through elaborate trade networks. During the Classic period Veracruz trade and traders were under the dominion of Teotihuacan. After the fall of Teotihucan's hegemony, these traders regained jurisdiction over their own resources.
     This lecture explored how Gulf Coast Pochteca used economic means to disseminate symbolic and ideological currency which came to characterize the Mesoamerican Late Classic-Early Postclassic transition.


Cherra Wyllie teaches ancient and non-Western art at the University of Hartford. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, Yale University, completing her dissertation on "Signs, Symbols, and Hieroglyphs of Ancient Veracruz and the Gulf Coast."
Ms. Wyllie instructed rock climbing and ski-mountaineering for Outward Bound. She guided archaeological tours in Egypt and Guatemala, and has travelled extensively on five continents.

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