Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society

Saturday March 11, 2000 1:30 pm University Museum Classroom 329

Speaker:   Eleanor King

Title:         "Project Archaeology Pennsylvania:  Reading, Writing,
Arithmetic, and Archaeology in the Classroom."

Summary:  For the past several years a movement has been afoot in
professional archaeological circles to introduce archaeology to the
pre-collegiate classroom nationwide.  One reason for doing so is to teach
children early about the importance of historic and cultural preservation.
Another reason is that archaeology is inherently fascinating to kids, and,
when used effectively, it can become a wonderful way for them to learn
basic language and mathematical skills.  Project Archaeology Pennsylvania
is our local version of a larger program that includes materials and
complete lesson plans for teachers.  These lessons focus on the ABCs of
scientific investigation and are so effective at imparting basic concepts
that they have been recommended for use in university-level and business
programs.  Ms. King gave the background to Project Archaeology and then
let the audience experience some of the lessons and teaching materials

 Ms. King is an archaeologist specializing in the Maya area and is
currently co-directing a dig in Belize.  She has also taught many workshops
on archaeology for children and adults.  She co-teaches with Joan Wider the
Museum Education Department's "Project Archaeology," a program aimed at
helping middle school teachers use archaeology across the school curriculum.

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