Next Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society

Saturday, September 10, 2016 Meeting of the Pre-Columbian Society at the Penn Museum - Room 345

e have not found a speaker able to come to speak at our September 10th meeting.  Therefore there will be no speaker for the afternoon of Saturday the 10th.

This would be an excellent opportunity to receive an easy introduction to reading the Maya Inscriptions, or an extended visit to the King Midas exhibit, which will be closing right after Thanksgiving weekend. This exhibit is free for all museum members and is really an outstanding show!

GLYPHS: Room 345:  The regular Glyph Group, led by Chris Kocher, will be meeting in the morning, starting at 10:30, and will work on Altar 1 from the site of Naranjo. They most likely will break for lunch, and continue in the afternoon, if there is interest.
      Lynn Matson will lead a beginner/ novice group, also at 10:30, either in the morning, afternoon, or both, depending upon the wishes of the attendees.
Please RSVP to Lynn if you plan to attend any of the offerings below:
 Indicate if you are coming to:
   A. 10:30 am: More Advanced Group working on  Naranjo Altar 1- Please RSVP  to receive
                                                                                            Inscription and link to information.  
  B.  10:30 am: Beginners/ Novice Group, working on Yaxchilan.   Packets and Inscriptions will be
                                                                                                        provided on Saturday, if you RSVP.
 C.  1:30 pm: Basic Glyph Introduction, or a  Tour of King Midas.   (Can be on your own, or Lynn can lead  a
                                                                                            group through the exhibit, as we did in June) 

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